The MedExpert Impact

Dear MedExpert,

"I want to thank you for all of the information that you have sent me, I have requested information for myself ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome and treatments as well as ulnar nerve entrapment. I was able to discern from these reports that carpal tunnel wrist and hand symptoms were similar to those of ulnar nerve entrapment.

The reports have given me both an understanding into the conditions and the various types of treatment. Not being convinced of surgery, I also requested information on ART, Active Release Therapy. Based on the report and testimonials from others, I started this treatment a week ago.

I am already amazed at the results. I have not taken any pain medication for my neck or hands for five days. This is after only two of the treatments! Prior to the treatment, I had been in physical therapy constantly on pain medication for five months.

I do not dismiss the positive benefits of therapy, however, because I was able to get great relief from my neck symptoms with the neck traction. My greatest concern was when the doctor said I needed surgery without first attempting other methods for my hands. Not only are my hands important for my job, they are vital to my everyday living. I was not going blind into surgery that had at best limited improvement.

I also want to comment on the follow-up calls inquiring not only whether or not I had received the research reports, but how I am doing and again how is my friend doing. This added personal touch makes this service such a valuable tool to the individual seeking medical answers.

Many times online research sends you into so many different directions that you just give up because you are no closer to what you need that when you started. MedExpert eliminates that by sending well-formatted that can be printed out. I really like that this information is available by calling your toll free number. Those without online access at work can receive the reports either at home online or have them mailed to them.

I hope more companies begin to realize the value of this service. Most of us are aware that we need to actively participate in our medical care, but few of us are granted services like MedExpert to assist us in this process.

Again, I can't say enough for what MedExpert has meant to me. Thank you!"


MedExpert Client
San Jose, CA

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