Our Mission

MedExpert's mission is to improve lives through the timely exchange, understanding, and implementation of current, unbiased, and accurate medical and health information. MedExpert believes that every person, regardless of language, education, or station in life, deserves today's finest medical knowledge delivered in a prompt, honest, clear, and respectful manner.

We understand that every person's medical situation is unique. This is why we work closely with each member to help with their individual medical needs.

Each time we go to the doctor, we have a 50% chance of receiving substandard care. Deviation from best-practice care results in misuse, overuse, or failure to use appropriate medical resources.

Inappropriate care leads to higher costs. The healthcare industry itself estimates that 30% to 50% of healthcare costs are pure waste.

Only care that is aligned with the most current, accurate, and unbiased results from peer-reviewed sources and top medical experts can lead each of us to expect the right care for our individual circumstances.

The ideal solution to achieve the goals of better healthcare and reduced waste must:

  • Work for all conditions, not just a few
  • Be rapid and reliable
  • Assist patients in multiple languages
  • Foster trust through independence and lack of bias
  • Stick with patients throughout a medical episode

MedExpert's Individual Medical Decision Systems, or IMDS™, answers this challenge.