• Medical knowledge takes 7 to 17 years to transfer from discovery to point of care
  • 50% of today's healthcare decisions are wrong or wasteful
  • Unless current medical knowledge is interjected in a matter of hours, a patient will default to a course of treatment that may be ineffective and often damaging
  • The average practicing doctor in America sees 24 to 32 patients a day
  • In 2016, medical information will be doubling every 12 months
  • In a group of 100,000 people, between 5-6,000 unique medical conditions exists annually. The following year approximately 30% will be new

Why wait or make mistakes?

Be Informed

Americans need to reinvent the culture of healthcare using effective innovation to both identify and utilize the most appropriate care. MedExpert's unique shared decision-making model, known as Individual Medical Decision Systems (IMDS™) helps patients make the most appropriate decisions on any medical condition and get the right care the first time.

If you are not using MedExpert, you are missing the most important piece of your healthcare puzzle.