30 Years In The Making

MedExpert began work on a fundamental solution to improve health, make decisions based on today's knowledge, remove waste, and eliminate unnecessary costs.

MedExpert's founders attracted the contributions of many of the country's top minds who were also determined to solve major growing problems facing healthcare.


The result of 30 years of development, MedExpert's Quality Medical Management System (QMMS™) is a dynamic evidence-based platform that:

  • Ensures patients are cared for immediately with today's knowledge by on-staff physicians, nurses and information coordinators

  • Infuses evidence-based medicine into treatment decisions for more than 22,000 medical conditions, more than 16,000 pharmaceuticals and all co-morbidities

  • Features a proprietary process and customizable engineered platform to meet the information and population management needs of both patients and medical care teams

  • Provides a transparent setting where purchasers can evaluate utilization, trends, and costs

  • Provides patients with personalized web portal access to review their assessments, biometrics, and incentives in one secure location